ThroughLine Games was founded in 2014 in the heart of Copenhagen, Denmark.

We strive for a work culture that invigorates everyone

in our shared pursuit of meaningful gaming experiences.

Our Mission is to Amaze and Surprise.

We are an independent game developer, focusing on story-driven games with high artistic ambitions.

Combining experiences from the film, animation, and game industries, we are dedicated to creating memorable characters, engaging gameplay, and meaningful narratives.

ThroughLine Games was founded in 2014 by CEO & Creative Director Alfred Nguyen and Technical Director Michael Godlowski-Maryniak. 

The studio's name sprung from the narrative concept of a through-line: the central idea that runs from the beginning to the end of a story.

Alfred - Creative Director

Michael - Technical Director



Forgotton Anne Launches on iOS


Forgotton Anne launches in Japan

and Japanese subtitles are added to Steam


Forgotton Anne Launches in Korea

and Korean subtitles are added to Steam


Forgotton Anne releases on Nintendo Switch


Forgotton Anne releases on XboxOne, PS4, and Steam

in EU and US (Globally on Steam)


Square Enix Collective Publishing Contract

Square Enix's indie publishing branch, Square Enix Collective, will be publishing Forgotton Anne on PS4, Xbox One, and Steam.


Forgotton Anne Receives State Funding for Dynamic Orchestral Score

We were awarded 100.000 DKK ($16.000) by The Danish Film Institute’s Spilordningen in development funding for Forgotton Anne's orchestral score.


CAPNOVA Investment

We are happy to announce that CAPNOVA has invested in Forgotton Anne!


People's Choice Pitch Award

During Interactive Denmark's Growing Games Pitch Competition, Creative Director Alfred secured us the People's Choice award! 


Made With Unity Showcase

The ‪Made With Unity showcase at Unite 2015 in Boston featured Forgotton Anne,  along with 28 other amazing titles.


Execution Labs Accelerator Program

We joined the renowned studio incubator and investment program and spent three months in Montreal working on getting our studio launched.


Forgotton Anne Receives State Funding

Danish Film Institute’s Spilordningen We were awarded 450.000 DKK ($64.000) by The Danish Film Institute’s Spilordningen in development funding for Forgotton Anne.


Nordic Game Jam 2015 - Best Use of Hardware

Nordic Game Jam Look at my Drawing, a game developed during the Nordic Game Jam, won second place in the main competition and received the jury award for "Best Use of Hardware".

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