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Release Date: TBA    Genre: Action-Adventure   Developer: Throughline Games   Publisher: Hitcents

Unite all things lost

Forgotlings is a breathtaking cinematic action-adventure set in an enchanted realm inhabited by lost things searching for a purpose. Journey to distant corners of our collective memories and unite warring tribes against a mysterious looming threat to their existence.
A wholly original storyworld filled with wonder and imagination awaits your discovery.




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Forgotlings are creatures composed of mislaid objects from our reality. In the Forgotten Lands they wake up as sentient beings with vague memories of their past and a deep longing to rediscover their purpose.

They have grouped themselves in tribes but tension is rising as a new era is dawning on them…



The player controls Fig, a gifted posing doll, who starts out a humble new spawn but eventually becomes the captain of the sentient ship Volare. Choose your destination in your quest to broker peace between tribes in this semi-open world metroidvania.

The five tribes of the lands each have their own distinct culture and beliefs. Learn the strengths of each or challenge norms and traditions.


Fight Your Way

Bandits and other critters lurk outside settlements ready to ambush you if you’re not careful. Approach combat your way using stealth or confront enemies head-on.

Ancient secrets lie buried deep beneath the sands and forgotten knowledge are depicted on the walls of temple ruins. The past can be mined for treasure or left to be plundered by forgotling outcasts wearing anima-powered armor...

Connect with forgotlings

Choose your responses during conversations with forgotlings as you attempt to forge alliances and build relationships. Your actions and choices matter as a simple act of kindness or a firm rejection might have ripples that ultimately determine the fate of many

Sometimes the best ice-breaker is to challenge a forgotling to a game of INA, a boardgame that has become a popular pastime in the realm. Play transcends borders!


Cinematic and Haunting Score

A beautifully haunting score featuring the renowned choir ensemble Theatre of Voices, as heard in oscar-winning movies such as Denis Villeneuve’s Arrival.

Full voice-acting brings characters and moments to life with cinematic presentation. Cry and laugh with forgotlings as you partake in this story-driven action-adventure.


More info on the stellar VO cast on its way!

the four pillars

Experience the full depth and diversity of the game world with 4 distinct choices available for both dialogue and combat, each reflecting a unique mood and temperament. Whether you prefer to engage in thrilling combat or engage in thoughtful conversations, there's something for every type of player. With 4 key pillars of interaction - Dialogue, Exploration, Ina, and Combat - you can fully immerse yourself in a dynamic and engaging experience that will keep you hooked for hours on end.

An Animated Experience

Thousands of hand-drawn animation frames and beautifully realized environments makes you feel as if you’re playing an animated movie.

Fusing a traditional animation look with a 2.5D game world utilizing depth we have gone all out to deliver an impeccable hand-crafted experience balancing fluidity and responsiveness.


...Stay tuned for more reveals on forgotling tribes, story details and gameplay features!

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We are a small indie game studio with less than 10 core team members, but our ambitions are grand. Learning from our award-winning debut title Forgotton Anne, with our sophomore title we strive to incorporate the best of our passions and deliver an exciting combination of gameplay features and a deepfelt story centered around the main theme of Purpose. 

If you like what you’ve seen of Forgotlings check out our media channels and help spread awareness of the game!

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Forgotlings©2023 Forgotton Anne ApS. All rights reserved. Developed by Throughline Games. Published by Hitcents. Forgotlings and the Throughline Games logo are trademarks of Forgotton Anne ApS and Throughline Games ApS respectively. Hitcents, the Hitcents logo are registered trademarks of Hitcents. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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