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"Late Pledges" Policy

Welcome to our "Late Pledges" section. Here, you can make purchases of our Kickstarter tiers even though the Kickstarter campaign has ended. It is important that you read and understand the following policies as they define the terms for your contributions and purchases in this section:

  1. Contributions and Purchases:

    • By making a "Late Pledge" contribution, you acknowledge that you understand this is a contribution to our project and not a guarantee of product or service delivery.

    • Contributions are non-refundable as they go directly towards supporting our project and the production of our products.

  2. Kickstarter Tiers:

    • We offer a range of Kickstarter tiers available for purchase as "Late Pledges." Each tier has its own specifications and included rewards. Please be aware of what is included in the specific tier you choose to purchase.

  3. Prices:

    • The prices for each Kickstarter tier as "Late Pledge" are clearly stated on our website. Please note that the prices may vary from the original Kickstarter offerings as they are calculated based on current production costs and later distribution.

  4. Delivery Time:

    • We strive to deliver the products according to the estimated timelines mentioned in the Kickstarter campaign. However, there may be delays, and delivery times are subject to change. We will keep you updated via email or other relevant channels regarding any changes in the delivery schedule.

  5. Changes and Cancellations:

    • We reserve the right to make changes to Kickstarter tiers, prices, or other specifications without prior notice.

    • We also reserve the right to cancel a "Late Pledge" and refund the full amount if unforeseen circumstances arise that make it impossible to deliver the promised products or services.


We encourage you to carefully read these policies before making a "Late Pledge" contribution. By making a purchase in our "Late Pledges" section, you confirm that you have read, understood, and accepted these policies.

We greatly appreciate your support for our project, and we will do our best to deliver the products and services satisfactorily to all our contributors.

If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact our customer support.


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