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Not only voice but also co-create a forgotling character ingame, influencing its design and other attributes. Maybe you have a special affection to a certain object in your life? Let us breathe life into it.


-Physical copy of Forgotlings (on preferred platform)
-co-create a forgotling character in game
-Digital copy of Forgotlings (Steam/Switch/PS/Xbox)
-Voice a forgotling
-Your name appearing ingame at Crystal Memorial location
-Fly-on-the-wall at team meetings
-Signed Game Poster
-'The Art of Forgotlings' Artbook (Physical)
-Forgotlings stickers (whole character gallery 100+)
-Forgotlings T-shirt

-Name in credits

-Digital copy of Forgotton anne (Steam Key)

-'The Art of Forgotlings' artbook (digital copy)

-Original Soundtrack (digital copy)

-'Backer' Exclusive Title on Discord


est. delivery: Dec 2024

Reward Tier: Benevolent Maker

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