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  • Ingvi Snædal - Associate Producer

Gamescom & Competition

Be a part of Forgotton Anne!

Have you loved and lost something you’d like to see immortalized in the Forgotten Lands? Tweet two images - one a reference image of your forgotling and the other a written backstory - with the hashtags #gamescom2017 and #ForgottonAnne.

The winner will have their forgotling immortalized as a character in Forgotton Anne, and the top 5 will receive digital copies of the orchestral soundtrack!

The evaluation will be based on artistic and narrative potential.

Submission deadline: September 4th, 2017. 23:00 CEST.

*the ‘image’ can be anything from a reference photo or a rough sketch, to a fully rendered painting, and the backstory should contain no more than 1.000 characters.<