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The time is finally upon us!

Before I get to the point, I feel the need to lift some of the mystery surrounding release date announcements. Every game, when it nears completion, needs to go through a QA process where we identify and correct any errors that may have a negative impact on the experience. But this is not the end of the line. After QA comes Submission.

Submission is when a game is sent to the console manufacturers for verification. Without verification, the game will not be published on their platforms. This process can take a long time. Considering all the variables involved in QA and the Submission processes, it’s nigh on impossible to give a fixed release date until the results are in. Submission is an expensive endeavor, so we opted to put a heavy emphasis on QA before that time came. As a result, we went through on our first try on both platforms.

So here it is. The release date of Forgotton Anne.

Look for it in the PS4 and Xbox stores, and on Steam May 15th!

Ingvi Snædal

Associate Producer

Throughline Games

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