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Time for Polish

It is equally wonderful and scary when your children growing up to be more than you had dared imagine. When they are born, they need your full attention and everything they learn, they absorb from you. As they grow, they gain a life of their own. They develop their own ideas, their own desires, their own will. Sometimes, games are the same way.

Forgotton Anne was born in 2014 and thanks to the amazing support and feedback of our fans and partners, she has grown to exceed our expectations. She is more beautiful and more complex than we had originally anticipated and as such, we need more time to help her bloom.

Because of this, we have decided to shift our release window into the first part of 2018. We are sure that you will appreciate the added polish and the greater scope of gameplay and story.

This will give us time to make sure that we deliver to you an experience that lives up to the praise we have already received. It will allow Forgotton Anne to become what she was destined to be.

Thank you for your patience and continued support. We will have more information very soon!

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