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Daniel Pierce, Voice of Fig

Daniel Pierce is an actor, director, cinematographer, and writer, in addition to being a voice actor. He is currently developing a documentary on bullying and how bullies become the bully, entitled ‘Where’s the Love? Behind the Bully’ which he is producing, directing, writing, and narrating.

1. How did you get involved with the development of Forgotton Anne?

One day, while I was updating my soundcloud page, I noticed had a good number of listens from Denmark. I thought that was interesting and just hoped whoever it was enjoyed and was entertained by what they heard. A couple of days later I get an email from Alfred saying how he and the ThrougLine team wanted be to audition for Mr. Fig.

2. Can you tell us a bit about the characters you are playing in Forgotton Anne, and how you approached the roles?

When I saw the image of Mr. Fig and - knowing he was a grandiose swordsman - my first thought was V from V for Vendetta. Reading the description further I saw that V and Eroll Flynn were his references and I knew Alfred and I were going to have a good start with this character. Mr. Fig, though a general, was known to be the greatest swordsman that had never drawn his sword. So, knowing all of this - as well as the fact that he is a character that, no matter how genuinely he seems to want to help Anne, she suspects him - I found he is best described as being a mix of V, Loki, and C-3P0.

3. What do you think of Forgotton Anne and the project?

It’s a match. Knowing that Alfred’s and his teams’ approach is more of that of filmmakers, I knew we’d speak each other’s creative language and the end result would be something I’d be very much a fan of - whether I was involved or not. Once Alfred and I met over a video chat and talked film and our mutual affinity for the films and genres that inspired Forgotton Anne, I knew this was a game and story I’m happy to be a part of and looking forward to playing.

4. What's next for you?

I’m currently putting together a documentary on bullying that will focus on the bully, and how the bully is made to help society have a more etched-in example of how they are more victim than villain. As for video-game voice acting, one of my dream jobs would be to work with Square-Enix in their Final Fantasy series in some quantity. 5. If you were an object in the Forgotten Lands, what would you be?

A hammer.

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