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  • Amelia Tyler - Voice Actor

Amelia Tyler, Voice of Tiphany, Blanket, Camellia, and many more!

Amelia Tyler is a highly experienced, alarmingly versatile voiceover and actor known for her ability to breathe life into scripts and create unique, unforgettable characters that grab listeners by the scruff of the imagination.

Equally comfortable prowling a booth, set or volume, in her 20+ years as a performer she's worked in almost every area of the industry, from movies and video games to stage productions and national ad campaigns. She sounds exactly how she looks… sometimes.

1. How did you get involved with the development of Forgotton Anne?

I specialise in voice acting and full performance capture for games so I've been in a whole bunch of other titles so far. I think I'm best known for playing the enigmatic half-demon Malady in BAFTA-winning RPG Divinity Original Sin II, though I've also played troubled exobiologist Dr Sarah Brook in The Turing Test, elderly space explorer Rebecca Weston in Elite Dangerous: Horizons, plus a tonne of other roles in titles like Star Wars Battlefront II and Frostpunk. I first became aware of Forgotton Anne when I was at EGX a couple of years back and a friend of mine at Square Enix introduced me to the creators. The game had just been announced by Square Eni